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Application Notes For Power Wraps

   To reduce noise in power cords from airborne RF and from conducted RF on the AC power line.
   Power cords for Audio CD, DVD, and SACD players, transports and DACs.
   Power cords for preamps and amplifiers.
   Power cords for all Home Theatre components.

   To reduce the noise generated by electronics back into the AC line.
   Power cords for video monitors, TVs, tuners, and digital components.
   Power cords for fax machines, computers, peripherals, and printers.

   To reduce noise and brightness in cables carrying an audio or video signal.
   Audio interconnects, speaker wires, and digital cables.
   Audio and video cables for Home Theatre components.
   Video cables for computer monitors and TVs.

Power Wraps come in three sizes:
  • 0.375" (9.5mm) diameter, 12-inch long Power Wrap
  • 0.56" (14mm) diameter, 12-inch long Power Wrap
  • 0.328" (8.3mm) diameter, 6-inch long All Clear (sold in pairs)

  • Power Wraps are recommended for 3 to 7 foot power cords.
  • For AC power cord lengths over 7 foot, use two Power Wraps per cord, interleaved or end-to-end.
  • Power Wraps are recommended for Digital cables due to the high level of digital noise on the cable.
  • All Clears are recommended for 1 and 1.5 metre audio and video cables and Power Wraps for longer cables.
  • All Clears come in sets of two so they can be used on separate left- and right-channel electronics, or so you can interleave them for more powerful RFI suppression.
  • Power Wraps and All Clears may be intertwined or placed end-to-end on a cable to provide additional suppression.

For more information, see:
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   Installation instructions for All Clears

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