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Power Wraps come in three sizes:
0.328" (8.3mm) diameter, 6-inch (150mm) long All Clear (sold in pairs - to suit interconnects or shorter UK 13Amp mains cables)
0.375" (9.5mm) diameter, 12-inch (300mm) long Power Wrap (sold singly - suits longer UK 13Amp mains cables)
0.56" (14mm) diameter, 12-inch (300mm) long Power Wrap (sold singly - suits high power UK/US/EU mains cables) - OUT OF STOCK

How much do Power Wraps cost?:
The 0.328" (8.3mm) All Clears are £21.99 (pack of 2)
The 0.375" (9.5mm) and 0.56" (14mm) Power Wraps are £21.99 (each)

Special Limited-Time Offer:
Buy online from our web outlet and you'll get a special discount OFF the normal price.

Highwire is a registered trademark.
Manufactured by All Clear Products, Inc. under license.
Protected by U.S. Patent #4885555